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genre: horror


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R O O M.zip 17 MB


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Almost developer, i would like to see more ARGs from you, like cichy lato!

Well, for its length its ok. It goes for less than a minute. You can still go and glitch through the clouds and walls. The models just use simple geometric shapes, the whole RO0M is made out of a square, and the clouds with the sun is just a bunch of circles, it's too simple.

I would love for the game to extend longer, the room is obviously inside of a test chamber and you are made to think that the R0OM is real life. But the game is so short its just bad. Just extend it to at least 3 minutes and it could be good!

Hey, it looks like a cool game, but using a .rar file is a little inconvenient and might turn away people who want to use the Itch app to download (it doesn't seem to support .rar files). 

I would just extract it, but then it won't show up in my library on the Itch app.

Hi, clabe45!

Hey, thanks for your tip! I converted the archive to a .zip-file. Can you check if it helped?

-- AlmostDev