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BATCH Easy programming is a program that has been made for programming without any programming skills. Contrary to your expectations, despite its simplicity, using it you can create really good software. You want to display a message? Just press "SAY"-button and write it! You want to wait some time? There is also the button named "WAIT". "Press X to win!"


- Simplicity. Come on, you don't even need programming skills to make programs with this!

- Immensity. Huge opportunities. I packed the whole programming language to this. That means, that you can make with it just everything that you want!

- Efficiency. With BEP you can made a DOS-program, a password generator, a game, a virus, a visual novel or even miner! Opportunities are not limited!

- Some bonuse. Ready parts of code, ASCII-pictures or even VBS-Scripts! All of these you can add to your program (installed in the program)!

- Batcher! Remember "Office Assistant"? Exactly, that clip (or a dog/wizard)! I made an assistant like him. Batcher can help you with code writing, pay your attention to mistakes, give tips and even play some music! 

By the way, this game was created using BATCH Easy programming: https://almost-developer.itch.io/ada


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